Taxation (Direct Tax)

Duration - 150 Hours Approx Applicable for Nov 20 & May 21

Please Select the purchase option based on your requirement

7,600.00 (INR) incl tax
1Views1.5 Times 3 Hours lecture can be watched for 4.5 Hours
2Lecture Hours145-150 Hours 
3Validity Period6 Months 
4Number of Lectures71 
5Video LanguageHindi 
6No. of Modules Yes1 Compact Theory Book, 1 Compact Q & A Book
7AmendmentsYesSeparate Lectures on Youtube & Telegram
8Recording (Month - Year)Jan 20 
9SyllabusOld & New 
10FormatDownloadble / USBGoogle Drive / Pen Drive
12Video Runs on Laptop with Windows 7 Premium, Ultimate Windows 8 Or 10 Required
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